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Ultion Key Cutting Coventry

Recognise official Ultion keys

Ultion have designed their cylinders and keys to maximise your home security. These keys cannot be cut by just anyone you need to go to a registered Ultion Key Centre. Locksmiths and key cutting shops that are not registered key centres use unofficial key blanks that are not quite the right shape, these keys may fit but enevitably will damage the inner workings of the cylinder which could force Ultions Lock Down Mode to engage, locking you out or even in your home.

Fake Ultion keys have one big give-a-way to show you they're fake. They don't have the Ultion logo embossed on the key. If your spare keys come without this feature DO NOT USE THEM not only will you be faced with the possibility of not being able to open your door but you will loose your guarentee completley.

Here at Aztec Windows we are a registed Ultion Key centre and use genuine Ultion key blanks supplied by Brisant Secure (The company behind Ultion). Our registration number is 1117003. You can check this by calling Brisant Secure or using the Check a licence number feature on the Ultion website.

To order additional keys for your Ultion lock from us you can email your code to us, phone it through or call in and we'll cut while you wait

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