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Ultra Slim Trickle Vents

White ultra slim trickle vent

Trickle vents are one of those products that nobody likes. Big and bulky they stand out like a sore thumb on your newly installed windows and ruin their appearance, so why fit them?

The short answer is, we have to. The installation of new windows and doors has a set of regulations every installer has to comply with, These Building regulations help keep a minimum standard of quality throughout the industry and are split into two sections; New Build and Refurbishment. If the installer does not follow these regulations, they can, on inspection, be forced at their cost to rectify the installation.

Flow chart to determine if trickle vents are needed

Customers are always asking us is there anything better, something less unsightly, and until recently there hasn't been. January 2016 saw the release of our ultra slim trickle vent, designed to be low profile it doesn't have that big bulky appearance of standard trickle vents. It has been designed so the bulk of the trickle vent is sunken into the profile leaving just the face, sitting at just fractionally over 1mm, protruding from the face of the window. You still have control of the ventilation, in fact instead of just open and closed, it has multiple positions allowing you full control over the ventilation of your home as well as controlling condensation.

The Building regulations are split into parts, each covering a certain aspect of the build. Part F of the Building Regulations covers ventilation. You can download a copy from the Government planning portal.

Last updated on: 21st October 2018

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