Tinidor the small Composite door


Your front door is special, it’s what keeps you and your family safe, protecting you from the elements.

Every day, thousands of people across the UK look to change their front door, the impact of a new front door can transform any property but people with older properties struggle as the doors in older properties were not as tall as doors today and modern doors have not been designed with this in mind.

Tinidor has been created to help solve this issue, giving you and your family the protection you require with a touch of class.

Irish Oak Tinidor Composite Door

Tinidors secret is its locking system. Unique to Tinidor, our special multi-point lock has been designed with the locking points closer this is why we can make shorter doors, but that’s not all.

The standard Tinidor lock has five locking points, compared to other composite doors that have three, this is a big boost to the security of your home. These points have been designed as bolts not hooks, the bolt locking system has increased working tolerances, giving it a smoother operation for longer. Combine that with the eleven pin high security Ultion cylinder, the ability to add hinge protection bolts and the solid hardwood core and you have real security.

Automatic locking is provided thanks to the innovative Winkhaus AV3 locking system. This three point hook lock automatically engages its main locking points when you close your door meaning you don’t have to lift the handle. In addition it comes with innovative day time latch as standard meaning you can switch off the automatic part of the lock so if you need to pop out to the car or bins and the door slams shut behind you, you won’t be locked out.

So what is the smallest composite door we can make?

So how small can a Tinidor Composite door be made? 1740mm high plus a sill if required at 30mm. Thats pretty low, just don't bump your head.

Last updated on: 21st October 2018

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