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Your door is only secure as its weakest component

Ultion - Diamond Secure Door Cylinders

When asked about security on doors every installer will tell you about the fantastic door lock used on their doors but conveniently forget to tell you about its weak point... The cylinder.

Door locks can be split into three simple components.

  1. 1 - The Multi-point lock. Comprised of a number of hooks and/or bolts.
  2. 2 - The keep. A strip of either a single or multiple pieces of metal attached to the frame that the hooks or bolts from the multi-point lock engage into.
  3. 3 - The cylinder. The part where you put your key that operates the multi-point lock.

Installers up and down the country will tell you how amazing their doors multi-point lock is, and to be fair it is probably a great lock but combining a great door lock with a poor quality cylinder is like buying a high powered sports car and putting go-cart wheels on it... POINTLESS

Here at Aztec we use the Brisant Secure Ultion Cylinder as standard on all of our doors, not just composite doors... ALL OF THEM!.

The Ultion cylinder isn't just a 3 star high security cylinder, it's a 3 Star Diamond Secure Cylinder. The Diamond secure test is the same as the British standard 3 star security test but with added aggression and without the restrictions that the British Standards test has all while being tested by a Master Locksmiths Association accredited locksmith. There are only two cylinders in the UK that have managed to acheive this standard.

Out of the box Ultion cylinders are secure. They don't need additional bulky security handles or hidden cylinder guards to help them do their job, and that's why all Aztec doors use Ultion.

Last updated on: 21st October 2018

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