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74% of all burglaries are through the door.

It's quite a shocking statistic really. 74%. This was revealed when Brisant commissioned a survey on door security at the end of 2015. The report, which uses data from homeowners, locksmiths and the office of national statistics brings home some shocking facts.

  March 2012 March 2013 March 2014 March 2015
Door entry (%) 73 73 71 74
Of which were forced lock (%) 37.0 39.7 38.0 43.2

Ultion Cylinder 3 star diamond logo

The data above is taken from the Brisant report which can be downloaded from their website.

Here at Aztec we had already taken steps to secure our doors. As well as our multi-point locking systems ALL our doors, PVC & Composite, come with Ultion cylinders as standard. Security is something we believe in strongly here, and unlike our competitors that have bulky handles and cylinder guards as optional extras, our Ultion cylinders don't detract away from the beautiful styling of our doors.

If you're looking to replace your door, look for the diamond logo, it's easy to find when you know what you're looking for. Just look on the face of the door cylinders (where you put your key), it should have a diamond with 3 stars above.

So what else does it offer

The Ultion Cylinder has been designed to repel all attack methods used on doors by unwanted visitors, whether they be destructive or non-destructive. It comes with not one but two anti-snap rings on each side of the cylinder. If an attack succeeds in breaking the second section off, an anti-tamper pin fires disabling the key from outside.

  Typical 5 pin Typical 6 pin Typical 1 star ULTION
Combinations 30,000 150,000 140,000 294,740

It has special pins designed specifically to stop the lock being bumped and picked, and talking of pins instead of just 6 pins that come with most cylinders the Ultion has 11 nearly doubling the amount of key combinations available. And to top it off each side of the cylinder comes with 6 hardened steel pins that protect the Molybdenum core which is 25% denser than steel.

Ultion KeyRing and app

You may well be thinking "that's great, but what if I loose my keys?". Well the guys at Brisant have thought of that too.

KeyRing is a neat little device that attaches to the top of your key and connects to your smart phone via bluetooth. Then using the free app, available from your phones app store, your smart phone can tell you where your Ultion key is in moments. The app available for both iOS and Android.

Here at Aztec we have the solution to secure your doors, even if you didn't buy your door from us in the first place. We have launched a service to come and change your standard door cylinders to the new Ultion. For more info choose your option from below.

Solidor Composite Door with Ultion Bubble

Get a quote for a new door.

All our doors come with Ultion as standard whether its Composite or PVCu. If you are in need of a new door, fill out the form and we will be in touch to arrange a free, no obligation quotation for you.

Ultion Cylinder Box

Get a quote for a cylinder only.

You can order an Ultion Cylinder for your existing doors(s). It doesn't matter if the door was installed by us or not. Just fill out this form and we can arrange to come and measure your door for a new cylinder.

Need extra keys?

Aztec Windows are an official Ultion key centre

As the Ultion key is a special security key, getting them cut can be a bit tricky. Normally you would have to email your key details to Brisant and they would cut and mail you your new key(s). Obviusly this takes time, notmally a few days, which isn't always conveniant.

To help solve the problem we have invested in a key cutting machine and have become an official Ultion Key Centre. This means as well as being able to order additional keys with your door, you can order them after your door is installed and we can even cut them while you wait. All our keys are cut using official Ultion key blanks supplied to us by Brisant using a key cutting machine also provided by Brisant, so you can be assured your extra keys will work just as good as the originals.

Last updated on: 21st October 2018

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