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Coloured windows and doors

choose the right colour for your home

Over the last year we have seen a massive shift in the colours chosen for the framework on new windows and doors. Customers are moving away from plain white in a bid to add new found character to their homes and Aztec are proud to be offering home owners the ability to do this.

We now have a range of new coloured profiles that have been carefully selected to maximise the character of your home. But we haven’t stopped there, teaming up with market leading spray coatings company Technispray, we can also offer any colour from the standard RAL range of colours.

Agate Grey Prestige® Flush Sash

Colour can add real character to your home making it stand out from the rest. It doesn't matter if you have an old cottage or an ultra-modern town house, the right colour framework can make a real difference. For more information on our range of coloured window and door profiles call us on 024 7662 1316 or better yet visit our factory showroom in Coventry to see them in the flesh.

System 10

System 10, chamfered profiles, are available in white, rosewood, rosewood on white, cherrywood, cherrywood on white, anthracite grey on white and sprayed to any RAL colour.

System 10 base white System 10 Rosewood System 10 Rosewood on white System 10 Cherrywood System 10 Cherrywood on white System 10 Anthracite Grey on white System 10 any colour sprayed


Rustique, sculptured profiles, are available in white, rosewood, rosewood on white, cherrywood, cherrywood on white, white woodgrain, cream, cream on white, chartwell green on white, Irish oak, Irish oak on white and sprayed to any RAL colour.

Rustique base white Rustique Rosewood Rustique Rosewood on white Rustique Cherrywood Rustique Cherrywood on white Rustique White Wood Rustique Cream Rustique Cream on White Rustique Chartwell Green on White Rustique Irish Oak Rustique Irish Oak on White Rustique any colour sprayed

Prestige Collection®

Profile for our Prestige Collection® windows is available in white woodgrain, rosewood, cherrywood, Iriah oak, Irish oak on white wood, Siena on white wood, cream, cream on white wood, chartwell green on white wood, agate grey on white wood and Tudor finish which combines black framework with white wood sashes externally and a white wood finish internally. Sprayed finishes are also available on request.

Prestige Collection® White Wood Prestige Collection® Rosewood Prestige Collection® Light Oak Prestige Collection® Irish Oak Prestige Collection® Irish Oak on White Wood Prestige Collection® Siena on White Wood Prestige Collection® Cream Prestige Collection® Cream on White Wood Prestige Collection® Chartwell Green on White Wood Prestige Collection® Agate Grey on White Wood Prestige Collection® Tudor on White Wood Prestige Collection® Black Wood on White Wood Prestige Collection® any colour sprayed

Cherrywood is also known as light oak, golden oak or sherwood oak.
The Prestige Collection® is a registered trademark of Aztec Windows (Coventry) Ltd

Custom Foils

As well as our range of standard foil combinations we now offer custom foiling.

You can choose from the 29 colours available from the Veka Variations range on the outside of your window, 29 colours on the inside of your window and from 3 base colours on the PVCu profile itself.

Custom foils bring a new dimention to your new windows and doors giving you maximum flexibility and 100% customisation.

Recent projects we have helped with that include custom foils include Agate grey on cream, Agate Grey on Irish Oak, Anthracite Grey on Irish Oak and Black on Oak.

More popular colour combinationss come from our Prestige Collection® heritage foil range with colour on the outside and white foil on the inside. We have been offering the heritage colours for over six years and this new offering expands on that.

Last updated on: 21st October 2018

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