Back in February, McDermott windows posted on twitter asking if anyone could help him with a composite door that was below the minimum height of not just his usual supplier, but all other suppliers too.

The only issue we could see with the small doors he required was that the multi-point locking systems used throughout the industry restricted the minimum size available for composite doors. So we gave our multi-point lock manufacturer, Winkhaus, a ring on the off chance something could be done.

Winkhaus didn't disappoint, they agreed to manufacture enough bespoke locks so we could manufacture the doors for McDermott while Solidor would manufacture the doors slabs with no routing for the door locks.

We always tell our customers that our suppliers are chosen carefully, our decision is never based on price, but service and quality and this project has proven that. What supplier would make a small batch of a specially modified product for a small fabricator? Well it turns out quite a few. DGS Group manufacture a lock striker for our Prestige flush casement which is exclusive to us, Mila Hardware have had door hinges made in a special colour in a very small quantity and even Ventiss have agreed to make a window handle in a one off colour combination.

We have a habit of choosing the right suppliers. Suppliers that are willing to go the extra mile for a customer, even if there is no chance of that special modified product being used again.

It was fantastic seeing a group of great companies come together to solve a problem for a homeowner, the whole supply chain working in harmony towards one goal… customer service.

Oh and the door... well what do you think?

Small Composite door