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Well it has, our last post was back in October. Since then we've had Christmas (a long time ago, I know) and now we're in February. So, what's new?

Well, we have been as busy as ever. We had an upgrade to our manufacture software that went live in January and with any luck, we will be having another upgrade about March/April time that will bring a feature for our trade customers that has been long over due.

Tinidor, our small composite door, got branded. A nice new logo designed by our in house design team that looks pretty snazzy. We also shipped our first door down into Cornwall and have had enquiries from all over the UK, so this may be one of our products to watch this year.

We've also been keeping up with our R&D work and posted a little teaser photo on our Twitter account last week.

We are also close to launching some new pewter coloured products into our traditional hardware range and launched some new hinge colours for our PVCu door hinges.

As you can see, we've been busy and there are no signs of it slowing down. You can also now sign up to our mailing list using our contact form below and our blog and news posts will come directly to your inbox.

Regards Team Aztec

General news

Cream Evolution Storm Flush

We always tell our customers that the quality of our products speak for themselves and this installation is proof of that.

Our most recent installation of Evolution Storm Flush Casements comes from a recommend from their neighbour, who in turn had a recommend from their neighbour. Yes that's correct three homes in a row.

The evolution Storm window comes in two varieties, Storm 2 and Storm Flush. Storm 2 is a lipped casement system, this means the opening (and dummy) sashes overlap the framework while the Evolution Flush is exactly that, instead of overlapping the framework the outside of the window is completely flush giving a more traditional look and feel to the window.

The perfect window for the job

The Evolution Storm Flush were the perfect fit for these properties. All the properties on this particular road in Berkswell, just outside Coventry are old. The first an old, 3 storey farm house, the second an old stone clad cottage and then this, a classic townhouse style property.

Evolution Storm Flush WindowsEvolution Storm Flush WindowsEvolution Storm Flush WindowsEvolution Storm Flush Windows

As you can see from the above images the windows look amazing and the customers are over the moon with them. Being modern, double glazed, energy efficient windows they have reduced noise pollution, and helped increase the energy efficiency of the property as well as give the structure a new lease of life.

Timber look joints

To help aid the traditional look of the windows all the joints have square Timber Look Joints giving the impression that the windows have been assembled like traditional timber windows. Add this feature to the grained surface of the window and the traditional hand make (here in the UK) handles and peg stays, and your family and friends will be truly shocked when you tell them the windows are PVCu.


Winkhaus AV3 Automatic multi point lock

Post number two in our best of 2017 series has to goto the Winkhaus AV3 Automatic multi point lock

The AV3 has been one of our best selling features for our composite doors this year. Its simplicity, ease of use and innovative day time latch have proven a massive hit with home owners as well as trade installers.

We immediately saw the benefits when it was first showcased at the Fabricator & Installer Show 2016, but had to wait a whole five months before we could actually get hold of the product. Once we were able to order it, it quickly became a hit with customers on our Solidor Italia range of composite doors eliminating the need to turn the key three times just to lock the door when used with long bar handles. All you needed to do was close the door and the door would be fully locked.

Day time latch

When customers first see the lock their immediate concern is locking themselves out and this is where the day time latch comes into play. With the simple flick of a switch, the automatic locking feature of the AV3 is disabled along with the latch, so if the door closes behind you all you need to do is push (or pull) the door and it will pop open again.

As standard

The lock was such a hit by January 2017 it became the standard lock fitted to all Italia range doors but the story didn't stop there. It is now also the standard lock used with our heritage finger pulls and we have even fitted it to PVCu front and French doors.

The other area where the AV3 lock has come into its own is for those customers with arthritis. Because the lock fires automatically there is no need for the handle to be lifted to activate the lock making opening and closing the door much easier for those people suffering from this condition.



We can supply a window to suit any home. You can choose from standard white windows, to our timber alternative range and they all come is a wide range of colours too.


We have probably the widest range of doors available in the Midlands, PVCu, composite or even our new engineered doors with some of the most stunning British hand made furniture you'll ever see.


Our range of custom designed conservatories and glazed extensions can change the look of any home. Whether it be a veranda, a tiled roof or a full blown conservatory or orangery, we have the product for you.